Universal Sensor Rough in Kit - Lead Free


Combining the aesthetic appeal of the stunning Liano II and Urbane II collections, this new premium sensor tapware range is the perfect balance of design and functionality creating the ultimate statement in your bathroom. The innovative touch-free range is both hygienic and economical with advanced technology ensuring water conservation and optimal germ control for optimal performance in demanding applications.

Details & Specifications

  • Engineered from Lead Free brass*
  • Contactless dispensing to maintain high hygiene standards
  • Auto shut off to reduce accidental water waste
  • Infra
  • red sensor provides hands free operation ideal for infection control and hygiene
  • Caroma tapware is 100% leak tested
  • Pair with either Liano II or Urbane II Trim kits in a range of finishes to choose from *<0.25% lead as per Lead Free Watermark certification
Type Wall Hung