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Choosing a new basin doesn’t need to be hard.

  • No Tap Hole

    Suitable when tapware is installed from the wall or in the counter top.

  • One Tap Hole

    Suitable when installing a mixer tap in the basin.

  • Two Tap Holes

    Suitable when installing a two taps in the basin.

  • Three Tap Holes

    Suitable when installing three piece tapware.

  • Oval

  • Square

  • Round

  • Rectangular

  • Above Counter

    Installed directly on top of the vanity surface.

  • Inset

    Installed into the vanity top to give the look of an above counter basin but with more water capacity.

  • Vanity

    Designed to fit flush to the vanity top with edges slightly raised above the counter surface.

  • Semi Recessed

    Basins overhang the vanity to provide more usable vanity space.

  • Under Counter

    Installed underneath the vanity level, creating a streamlined minimalist look.

  • Wall

    Fixed directly to the wall with brackets and does not require a vanity for installation.



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