With over 78 years of innovative history, Caroma believes that bathrooms have to be a balance of form, function and looks. From creating the world's first dual flush toilet which has saved the average household around 32,000L of water each year, Caroma has continued to create products designed to make life easier. Our products also undergo stringent testing and have a competitive warranty so you can enjoy your Caroma products for many years to come. 

Caroma Cleanflush ® is a unique rimless design that delivers the next generation of toilet innovation. Our patented flow balancing technology is poised to become the new standard in modern toilets. For more information, click here.

Bottom Inlet (BI) cisterns are a traditional type of cistern with the water inlet connecting to the base of the cistern. The exposed hose and cistern tap makes it easier to service.

Back Entry (BE)  cisterns achieve a neater modern look, enclosing the inlet tap and hose within the cistern. Servicing to these parts require access through the cistern lid.

We recommend extending the life of your Caroma product with our genuine spare parts. For more information, visit our spare parts page here.

Across Australia, our pioneering new bathroom showrooms showcase the latest in Australian design ingenuity. We have two flagship stores located in Sydney and Adelaide and showrooms in Melbourne, Brisbane and Darwin. For details, click here. Unlike conventional displays, our inspirational pods are working bathroom displays where you are able to test how the products work.

Want to find out the products in our designer collaboration pods? Click here.

The Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS), initiated by the Australian Government, is a mandatory labelling for all water-consuming products to indicate their water efficiency. The higher WELS star rating the product has, the more water efficient it is. Understanding this will help you choose the most water-efficient products for you bathroom and kitchen usage.
For more information, visit: https://www.waterrating.gov.au 

All Caroma products, if applicable, undergo strict testing to comply with the Australian Government's WELS testing and labelling requirements.
For more information, please visit our Products page.

We recommend the highest WELs rating for each category. With Caroma, our water efficient products does not compromise on performance. We have added the WELS rating filter to our product pages to help you select the items with appropriate water rating that best suit your need. 

Caroma products can be purchased in all major bathroom and kitchen retailer in Australia. For specific enquiries, please contact our Customer Service at 13 14 16.

Whilst we do provide detailed installation guides and instructions with each product, we recommended that our products are installed properly by a certified and licensed plumber.