The Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS), initiated by the Australian Government, is a mandatory labelling for all water-consuming products to indicate their water efficiency. The higher WELS star rating the product has, the more water efficient it is. Understanding this will help you choose the most water-efficient products for you bathroom and kitchen usage.
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All Caroma products, if applicable, undergo strict testing to comply with the Australian Government's WELS testing and labelling requirements.
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We recommend the highest WELs rating for each category. With Caroma, our water efficient products does not compromise on performance. We have added the WELS rating filter to our product pages to help you select the items with appropriate water rating that best suit your need. 

Caroma products can be purchased in all major bathroom and kitchen retailer in Australia. For specific enquiries, please contact our Customer Service at 13 14 16.

Whilst we do provide detailed installation guides and instructions with each product, we recommended that our products are installed properly by a certified and licensed plumber.

Caroma offers a competitive  warranty on each and every products, please refer to our Warranty Guideline 

Retrofitting is the installation of devices that replace or modify existing plumbing fixtures in your home to save water. Go to our Project Gallery page to see how friends of Caroma have transformed their bathroom into their sanctuary through retrofitting.

You can also directly contact us for product support and enquiries at 13 14 16 from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm or via the contact form here. (Link to:

Product dimensions are readily available on the Caroma website.