Accessible toilets are specifically designed to provide enough space to accommodate wheelchair access and assistance when transferring from wheelchair to toilet. Accessible toilets are available in Caroma LiveWell Care product collections.

Ambulant toilets are for those that do not require the use of a wheelchair, for example, those with sensory loss, arthritis or require the use of a walking frame. Ambulant toilets are available in Caroma LiveWell Care product collections.

Statistics shows that 30% Australians over 65+ years of age experience a fall every year in their bathroom. Integrated grab rails are one of the most effective ways to prevent falls.

As people age, it can be painful to operate everyday tapware due to weakness/arthritic which means they are less likely to wash their hands and increase their risk of becoming sick. Lever tapware reduces this risk as it is easier to turn a tap on and off.

An easy height toilet is designed specifically for people with restricted movements. The use of the toilet reduces the strain on knees, hips and lower back reducing the risk of pain in the future.

If the pan outlet runs through to the floor, you have an S Trap pan.  If the outlet runs through to the wall, then it is a P Trap pan. Skew trap pans are an older style toilet pan with the waste pipe extending to either the right or left hand side of the toilet.

Three piece tapware are traditional tapware products that use a rubber valve system or ceramic disc system. Mixers  use a ceramic disc cartridge technology to mix and control the flow of water.  Although mixers have become more popular due to their simplified design and functionalities, it all comes down to your preference to choose whether mixers or taps. 

Our 'First Time Renovator' page explains all the different types of products, allowing you to select the products that meet your needs. There are also helpful tips and tricks under our 'Inspiration and Guidance' tab. Our friendly flagship team is also here to help through free consultations. Book here.