Basin Options

Basin Styles


Wall Basins ('or wall mounted')

Fixed directly to wall with brackets and doesn't require a vanity for installation. Ideal for saving space with a minimalist look. Enhance the basin with a pedestal or shroud to improve the finish of the bathroom as well as conceal plumbing.


Vanity Basins (or 'self-rimming vanity')

Installed with a flush fit into the top surface of the vanity.  Rims are flared and slightly raised above the counter surface. This helps control spills and protect the counter's edge treatment. Most are drop-in to suit a pre-cut countertop.


Above Counter Basins

Installed on top of the vanity surface.  Easiest to install, little requirement of tapholes or advanced plumbing. Ideal for tall people as the rims are positioned above waist level and can also compensate for low counters in the bathroom.


Inset Basins

The basin is installed into the vanity top, similar to vanity basins, but give the look of an above counter basin.


Semi Recessed Basins

Designed to give more usable vanity space, these basins overhang the vanity space.


Under Counter Basins

Installed underneath the vanity level creating a streamlined minimalist look.  Basin sides are protected from impact.  Fairly complex to install due to a custom shaped cavity which must be cut into the counter and should only be mounted on sturdy countertop materials that need no edge treatment such as granite.

Optional Extras


Bottle Traps

Available in several colours to suit a range of decors.  Replaces the traditional waste piping adding a clean, designer look and feel to a wall basin or under an exposed bench top.


Shrouds (Wall Basins)

The same function as a basin pedestal but shorter in length, designed only to conceal the plumbing fittings.