Toilet Cisterns

The three most common cistern models in Australia are: Bottom Inlet, Back Entry and Concealed.

Bottom Inlet cisterns are traditional a traditional type of cistern with the water inlet connecting to the base of the cistern via an exposed hose and cistern tap.

Back Entry cisterns achieve a neater modern look, enclosing the inlet tap and hose within the cistern. Servicing to these parts require access through the cistern lid.

Concealed or Invisi cisterns are a space saving, easy way to bring designer styling to any bathroom, Plumbing and cistern cleverly concealed behind the wall, with easy access if required (via the flush button plate or ceiling). A wide range of button styles are available to suit a range of different tastes. The button location is flexible with an option to position the plate inwall above the toilet, on a cabinet or benchtop, or with a remote mount option for anywhere in the bathroom.