• 1654-Cleanflush-Lineup-430x855.jpg

    Cleanflush - Lineup

    It's time to come clean.

  • 1653-Urbane-Collection-430x855.jpg

    Urbane Collection

    A fresh unassuming design, the Urbane collection delivers understated elegance to a contemporary bathroom space.

  • 1554-Australias-Most-Trusted-Brands-2015-430x855.jpg

    Australias Most Trusted Brands 2015

    Caroma, awarded most trusted bathroom brand in the recent Architecture and Design survey.

  • 1126-Sunstone-Collection-430x855.jpg

    Sunstone Collection

    Characterised by moody hues, luxurious textures and a monochromatic palette.

  • 1656-Inspiring-Design-430x855.jpg

    Inspiring Design

    At Caroma, our local team of talented designers give careful consideration to the needs of all Australians.

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Discover Our Big Ideas

Our award-winning dual flush set the bar, then Smartflush raised it even higher. Now Caroma Cleanflush® represents the next generation in flushing technology. Join our research and development team as they share their innovation journey.

For quality you can depend on

Combining broad appeal without compromise, Caroma Elements offers quality products you can depend on – day in, day out. Engineered with classic looks and the dependability that the Caroma brand has been built on, Elements delivers on the Caroma promise – a promise that’s been met for 75 years.

Trusted and backed by the trade, Caroma Elements are the fundamentals for success.


For when it's needed

Developing specialised products to meet the needs of the aged care, accessibility and special needs is an important part of what we do. Innovative solutions with outstanding quality, Caroma Care products deliver a delicate balance of practical functionality and contemporary styling. 

Caroma Care. For when it’s needed.