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    plan your renovation


    There are many elements to consider when planning your perfect bathroom. Here is a simple list of things to think about that will make the bathroom planning process a little easier.


    The size of your bathroom


    If your bathroom is quite roomy, consider having a separate bath and shower for easy access, and maybe double shower heads, double basins and extra accessories. For the smaller bathroom or ensuite, consider more compact, space-saving designs. There are many design options for shower screens, vanities and basins that suit a smaller room. Most importantly, your choice of layout and fittings will come down to how you plan to use your bathroom and what you see as the most important elements.  


    Colour scheme


    The size of your bathroom may influence your choice of colour scheme. Smaller spaces suit lighter, more neutral tones that open up the space and make it appear bigger. A larger bathroom with more natural light can cope with bolder or brighter colours.


    Always measure, and measure again!


    Before ordering any fixtures or fittings, ensure you know exactly where your windows and doors are and that you have made a final decision on your bathroom layout. You need to make sure there is enough room for your shower door, towel rails, vanity/basin, and sufficient space around your toilet. When renovating an existing bathroom, take into account the location of the existing plumbing, as moving the plumbing can be quite costly.


    Minimum space requirements to consider

    • Basin: Ensure you have a clear space of 700 mm from the front of the basin to the nearest wall.
    • Toilet: Allow at least 600 mm in front of the toilet and around 200 mm either side of the bowl for elbow room.
    • Bath: An average bath is approximately 1700 mm long and 800 mm wide.
    • Shower: Allow at least 800 x 800 mm for the shower recess.


    Time frame


    Most bathrooms take around 4 to 5 weeks to complete. Request a building work schedule if you are concerned about timing.