Dan Mylonas

Dan oversees the creative and marketing team at The Grounds, a business spanning two Sydney locations and multiple business streams including numerous food & drink venues as well as a Coffee Roastery, Bakery & Patisserie and multiple events spaces.
Studying Industrial Design and in fact starting his career working in the design team at Caroma Dorf, Dan has worked in multiple fields from designing bathroom-ware to graphic design, film, branding and marketing; giving him a unique view and journey to now overseeing a part of what has become one of Australia's most successful venues.

Getting to know Dan Mylonas

An idea can be inspired anywhere from nature to a building or from an artwork to a film

Getting to know Dan Mylonas

What are your favourite product/s used in your Caroma capsule and why did you choose them?
Of all the products selected within the capsule, I keep coming back to the Caroma Titan Stainless Steel Shower Head. The simple large circular head combined with its low profile makes it a really aesthetically beautiful piece of design. I love those designs that leave you with sense of emotional attachment and this is one of those pieces.

Describe your approach to design?
Foremost I always come back to simplicity. I really enjoy those products that appear so simple but are quite obviously refined and considered to the endth degree, I think that’s the sign of a true craftsman. I love the use of colour and texture so in anything I do, whether it be a physical space or a digital design, I always like to see how a simple surface or layer can be added to accentuate or enhance the mood of the design.

What inspires you in your design and how do you come up with your ideas?
I’m lucky enough to work across a number of different disciplines which all add I guess to inform what inspires me. I’m particularly inspired by film and how it utilizes colour and composition. Film is particularly very good at capturing emotion. When something captures a key emotion, it tends to transcend logic or functionality and connects with people on a deeper level.

What is the biggest single influence on your creative thinking?
My train of thought lately has been particularly focused on how to build a brand. I keep coming back to starting with that initial feel and building everything from there. For something to be genuine and not feel contrived, it needs to honour that initial foundational reason.

What is your strongest skill?
I feel like over the years I’ve become good at making sense from a mess. I like to cut through all the excess and the fluff and discover the essence of a problem, challenge or opportunity.

What are you currently fascinated by and how is it feeding into your work?
It may be a bit cliché, but I’m pretty in love with any film created by Wes Anderson. His eye for composition and colour is amazing. He’s bold in his choices and his aesthetic has become quite iconic. This boldness is quite inspiring. I think to a point people have become a little afraid of using colour in this way and so I feel inspired by his work to be confident in making a few outlandish colour decisions.

What are you passionate about besides your work?
I’m a big fan of getting out into wild and remote places. Admittedly I don’t get to do this very often, but the feeling of being able to go to these pristine places is incredible. I get glimpses of this feeling every time I put on a back-pack or feel a bit of a brisk breeze (which is not even close, but it gets me a little bit pumped). I’m fortunate to live 50 metres from the beach, so this is a pretty good consolation prize. I love being anywhere near the water and soaking it all up. I also have an amazing and talented wife

My thinking in this capsule
The inspiration for me in this capsule was to make a bold decision in the use of colour and yet still make is accessible as a potential choice in a real life home. I wanted to evoke the thought “that’s interesting, how could I add some colour to my place?” In creating a green feature wall which is a little bit in your face in both colour and texture (using a smaller vertical tile), I wanted to then bring a balance and sense of ease to the room by using large marble tiles to bring that sense of space and openness back. That simplicity or offsetting of the bold, was also added to the space by choosing a relatively open layout and using accessories and products that are simple and elegant. The use of the timber vanity and concrete like floor tile add a sense of rawness to a room in the home that often feels incredible stark and hospital like.