Axolotl is an Australian operated company that provides design solutions for architects, designers and builders through a range of authentic metal, concrete, terrazzo and terracotta coatings, and are suppliers of solid surface, timber veneers, stone, paint, sheet metal and architectural glass.

Axolotl was launched to facilitate and create architectural and art projects not just through innovative surfaces, but through bringing together the best talent possible. Our Sydney team is composed of passionate and talented designers, artists and technicians from the building, interior, spatial and industrial design industries.

Axolotl’s Design Director, Emmaline Cox collaborated with Caroma to design the Elvire Capsule. Emmaline is an Interior designer with experience designing and managing residential and commercial projects. Emmaline’s role at Axolotl oversees new product development and the completion of large architectural and public art projects.

Getting to know Axolotl

Materials and finishes play a major role in the experience of a space. Texture, scale, sheen levels and colour can transform a space.

Getting to know Axolotl

Q. What is Axolotl’s design philosophy? 
Axolotl’s designers love to experiment with materials and texture. The main aim is to achieve products of the highest quality, and timeless designs that can be enjoyed by the clients for many years to come.
Q. How would you describe Australian design?
Australia is at the forefront of design. Australian designers are passionate about good design and are not afraid to learn about production processes, or to ask for more out of existing product ranges. They listen to the brief set by the client, study how the spaces or products are used, and then work to produce customised solutions for their project.
Q. What is the single biggest influence on your creative thinking?
Collaboration. Almost every project that Axolotl produce is collaboration between its team of designers, and the interior designer, architect or client they are working with. Discussing the brief of the project, and seeing how each individual responds to the options they are presented with feeds back through the design process to achieve a richer and better-suited design solution. Quite often custom Axolotl products and manufacturing processes are created off the back of these discussions.
Q. What was the inspiration behind the Elvire bathroom capsule and how would you describe the style/aesthetic of the space?
The Elvire collection celebrates beautiful natural Australian hardwood timbers. And it is the Elvire collection that informed the interior design of the capsule to similarly celebrate a palette synonymous with the Australian bush – green and gold. Soft olive green tiles represent the leaves of eucalypts. Wattle gold is represented with sophisticated brass sheet metals and paints.
Q. What role do materials and finishes play in the overall experience of the space?
Materials and finishes play a major role in the experience of a space. Texture, scale, sheen levels and colour can transform a space. Small areas for instance can benefit best from soft textures, matte sheen levels and natural colours, which help to make the space feel larger.
Q. What is your favourite piece within the Elvire collection?
The enamel towel and paper rails with built in timber shelf are a very clever and useful design innovation. Great to increase bench space for smaller bathrooms!
The spun enamel vanities are also beautiful and very practical as the seamless top will be nice and easy to keep clean.