Shaynna Blaze

Shaynna Blaze is an award-winning interior designer and TV personality. With an discerning eye for style, Shaynna has created stunning interiors in residential homes and commercial spaces for more than twenty years.

She's best known for her role on The Block and Selling Houses Australia. Her design expertise is also shared through regular contributions to Stellar Magazine and Grand Designs Magazine as well as her two books on design.

Getting to know Shaynna Blaze

Every room has to tell some small story.

Getting to know Shaynna Blaze

Which are your favourite Caroma products, and why did you choose these specifically?

I love the Back to Wall Bath as it gives the feel of a freestanding bath but the functionality of being a space-saver AND perfect for cleaning, especially if you have little kids splashing around. I also love a double shower as it has the convenience of a big rain shower for that long soak and the convenience of the handheld showerhead helps, not just for washing yourself but for cleaning the shower.

Describe your approach to design

Functionality of the layout is number one, then I look at the quality and suitability of the fixtures and surfaces, then the colours and styling at the end. A bad design is bad design, no matter how pretty it is.

What inspires you, and how does that translate into design?

Everything! Nature, technology, lifestyle, the weather and how people live. I can take a good week of thinking before I even put anything to paper (yes, I’m old school) and then I start breaking it down into a small story. Every room has to tell some small story.

Who are your creative thinking influencers?

I love when people are out of the box and break boundaries. I love the wackiness of Kelly Wearstler and Kit Kemp, the sense of fun of Jonathan Adler and the classic lines and approach of Tom Dixon, Tom Ford and Christopher Boots.

Your strongest skill?

Walking into a place and knowing in the first 10 minutes what needs to be changed in the floorplan, natural light and colour. Plus they call me the human level, as I can feel woozy in seconds if a floor is out by millimetres.

What trends are you interested in and how does this reflect your thoughtswithin your current projects?

I’m interested in the environment, sustainability, a home to nurture you and a home that brings a family together. Our homes and interiors should be looked at long term and not for a season.

Besides design, what are your passions?

I love sketching, painting, history, reading, music, laughing, talking, eating and drinking, dancing, socialising. I love to do things that make me feel excited to be alive.