Mark Tuckey

Mark Tuckey is an Australian furniture company dedicated to creating product that they love and proud to live with in your own homes.

They design timber furniture with integrity, simplicity and strength, using recycled and sustainably managed timbers which is custom made at our workshop in Melbourne.

Mark Tuckey's commitment is to produce lifetime pieces with a negligible footprint.

Getting to know Mark Tuckey

“Imaging and designing sustainable furniture I like and aiming to successfully market it”. 

Getting to know Mark Tuckey

Q: What are your favourite products used in your Caroma capsule and why did you choose them?

I liked the clean, straight lines and square styling of Caroma's Teo 2.0 basin with the thin rim which compliments my own minimalist style. With the help of Axolotyl, I decided to dip the basin into one of their amazing surface finishes to really create a unique look. I also liked the use of the Caroma Eco Noir exposed bottle trap to give the space an industrial look and feel.

Q: Describe your approach to design?

I really design for myself and the furniture I would love to live with in my home. From these designs we produce furniture that the customer and market desires. I try to design things that are timeless and will be long lasting.

Q: What inspires you to create your design and how do you come up with your ideas?

I am inspired by timber and an urge to make good looking, sustainable and very useable furniture. Coming up with ideas can be working with some particular timber I have acquired or it can often stem from a flash of inspiration I have standing in the shower.

Q: What is the biggest single influence on your creative thinking?

Imagining and designing sustainable furniture I like and aiming to successfully market it.

Q: What is your strongest skill?

My strongest skill is acknowledging I have a variety of skills. (parenting my children being my favourite) and also realising when it is appropriate to tap into another’s skill set.

Q: What are you currently fascinated by and how is it feeding into your work?

I am fascinated that the furniture and designs we have been doing for years are now being marketed by lots of other companies, that feeds the need to re-invent and come up with new ideas and designs.

Q: What are you passionate about besides your work?

My children, the surf, the dogs, my business, the people who work with me in the business, the vast array of genius, creative people out there, always learning and improving every aspect of work and personal life.