Jacqui Dunn

Jacqui Dunn is a South Australian interior designer creating multi-faceted, experiential residential, commercial environments. Known for her infectious personality and distinctively immersive style, Jacqui embodies the belief that design is to be lived in and loved.

In the last 2 years Jacqui has brought her interior design talent to a broader audience, featuring as a co-host on Channel Nine’s Outdoors Indoors lifestyle program. Here, she shares her interior design tips and ideas and advocates local businesses in the interior design industry. Her work is presented across multiple publications and social media forums and is often featured in SA Life and the Outdoors Indoors lifestyle program. In 2018 Jacqui was awarded the coveted Behind Closed Doors Entrepreneur Scholarship.

Getting to know Jacqui Dunn

I like to use natural products, they have a sense of honesty and integrity.

Getting to know Jacqui Dunn

Q. Which are your favourite Caroma products, and why did you choose these specifically?

I chose the Liano for its clean simple lines along with the Contura black tapware range as this went perfectly with the mood of my bathroom design. The black tapware is complemented by the Steele & Smith steel shower frame and also by the floor tile. The Liano CleanFlush wall hung toilet also allows for a sense of space, also complimenting the floating wall hung vanity.

Q. Describe your approach to design

Approachable, inspiring with an element of fun! I like to use natural products, they have a sense of honesty and integrity. My aim is to give all my clients the opportunity to experience a little luxury in their lives whatever this may mean to them. Texture is key not only does a space need to look good, it needs to FEEL good!

Q. What inspires you, and how does that translate into design?

I am inspired by transforming and providing spaces that reflect who lives or works in them and to create an environment in which they feel at home in. I am inspired by people who want to make a difference to they way they live whether it be a residential or a commercial.

Q. Who are your creative thinking influencers?

Sybella court, I have adrmired Sybellas work for many years, not only her absolute talent but the research that goes in to her projects are truly inspiring.
Tricia Guild with her absolute exquisite eye for colour.

Q. Your strongest skill?

Communication, being able to visualise, collaborate & bring to life a design.

Q. What trends are you interested in and how does this reflect your thoughts within your current projects?

I believe in timeless and classic design, it is long lasting, however also creating the ability to change it up when need to. If you start with a solid classic foundation this gives you the opportunity to bring in a current trend throughout the seasons. I am currently loving concrete and the range of colours coming out.

Q. Besides design, what are your passions?

Travel, it ignites my soul!