Georgie Shepherd Interior Design

GSID is a boutique Adelaide based Interior Architecture and Design Firm started by Georgie Shepherd in 2011. Working on a range of commercial and residential spaces GSID create spaces that reflect their inhabitants and interiors that delight their occupants every day.

Working collaboratively across the studio and with their clients, they aim to create functional and beautiful spaces that fit daily life and push the imagination.

Getting to know Georgie Shepherd

I am inspired by many things in everyday life.

Getting to know Georgie Shepherd

Q. Which are your favourite Caroma products, and why did you choose these specifically?

We were given the Luna range – our favourite item out of the Luna range was the inset basin.

We liked how it still had depth whilst looking slimline. The range was a part of the Classic collection which is designed to suit the Australian lifestyle. Our design was an extension of this, adapting the Australian dessert landscape into our design. 

Q. Describe your approach to design

Each project is different. With each client comes a different brief, environment, architecture set of parameters.  I like all these elements to influence the design direction and the rest flows from here.

Q. What inspires you, and how does that translate into design?

I am inspired by many things in everyday life. Fashion, materials, textures, a concept or an idea can come from the smallest detail and from there it grows into the design.

Q. Who are your creative thinking influencers?

I am inspired by Dorothee Meilichzon a Parisian designer whose work creates atmosphere and experience. 

Q. Your strongest skill?

Visualising an interior concept from early on and translating this idea to the client.

Q. What trends are you interested in and how does this reflect your thoughts within your current projects?

I try not to follow trends instead focus on the feel of the space, textures and finishes that combine to make it unique.

Q. Besides design, what are your passions?

My family and my friends. Travel and seeing the world. I am always amazed at how much travelling can inspire you, open your eyes and give you fresh perspective. Also, time to regroup with the ones you love is the absolute best.