• Nicole Staples

    Nicole Staples


    Nicole is a passionate Interior Designer with a keen interest in sustainable living and sustainability in design. With a strong background in residential construction and renovation, Nicole enjoys creating unique spaces that reflect a client's persona through product, texture and materiality. With a background in Project Management, Nicole has a sound attention to detail, ensuring that all of the i's are dotted before a project goes to site!

  • Natalie Harding

    Natalie Harding


    Working in all sectors of the building industry as an Interior Designer, Natalie has had the privilege of guiding many people through what they thought would be their most stressful time. Natalie enjoys helping others put their personality into their homes, taking into consideration the materials, colour & spatial awareness that best suits their individual needs.

  • Loryn Jones

    Loryn Jones


    Loryn has always had a creative flare and a love for event planning. Loryn has worked for Caroma for 28 years in a variety of roles from Sales, Accounts, Project Management and a Consultant in our Adelaide Flagship. Loryn aims to assist her clients with building a beautiful bathroom space they will love for many years.

  • Jody Xia

    Jody Xia


    Jody completed her bachelor’s degree of Interior Architecture at the University of South Australia, and has a keen interest in the details of designing bathroom and kitchen spaces for her clients and tailoring them into sanctuaries that her clients can thrive in. She is a passionate interior designer who enjoys working with her clients throughout their design journey to make their ideas become a reality. Jody thrives on providing innovative design solutions with Caroma products while maintaining the client’s needs and desires in the design process.

  • Alannah Balzan

    Alannah Balzan


    After receiving her degree “Bachelor of Interior Architecture” from the University of South Australia, Alannah has gained a multitude of design skills, and takes pleasure specialising as a bathroom / Kitchen designer. Her vital goal, motive and priority is focused purely on providing great customer service, applying more detail in her design work and to assist clients achieve the best outcome, for their space. With her professional approach, she feels that the real bonus of her job is to see satisfied customers at the completion of their selections – where she has been able to provide them with her unique design solutions.