Monochrome Masterpiece

A Monochrome Masterpiece Built for Two

When Nathan & Rebecca were planning their entire home renovation, one important inclusion was an ensuite that would be their own personal Sanctuary.  A place where they can esccape and relax, away from the craziness of the kids and their busy lives.  They wanted a “modern yet classic style” bathroom that exudes peace and tranquillity.

After 10 years of planning this labour of love, we can understand how they may never want to leave this room! The combination of striking black tapware, classic white cladding and a window which floods the room with light, are pure perfection.

Q & A with Nathan & Rebecca

Why did you need a new bathroom?

We are currently in the process of renovating our entire house, so creating our ensuite is part of that bigger project. In addition to this room we’re adding a new main bathroom, a laundry and an open plan kitchen and living area, which will open up the back of the house.

Our new ensuite was our old laundry, which we totally gutted (back to dirt floors) and rebuilt from scratch.

What were the key features that you wanted for the new bathroom?

A large open shower, high ceilings, natural light and a bath. The bath is in the ensuite as it will be a place to get away and relax as opposed to the busy main bathroom that will be used by the kids and guests.

How did you collect your inspiration?

From 10 years of scrolling websites, ripping pages from magazines and pinning images on Pinterest!

We knew what we wanted - a modern bathroom, with a contemporary feel, yet a classic style that won’t date too quickly.  Lots of white, texture and touches of wood or rattan. Somewhere that we can relax and feel at ease.

How would you describe the look of your new bathroom?

Classic yet contemporary. Modern but warm.  Even though it’s a white bathroom, we deliberately added lots of texture through the vertical panelling, plantation shutters, matt white tiles and shaker profile cabinets.  The accessories add a bit of warmth and interest as well. We love the way the light plays on the walls in different ways at different times of the day for visual interest too.

Where have Caroma products been used?

We chose Caroma because of the modern clean lines of the producrts and the great price compared to other brands.  Our bath, basin and toilet are from the Luna range and the gorgeous black tapware is from the Urbane range.

Did you stick to your budget?

Yes! Apparently, that doesn’t happen much when renovating but all our planning came in handy and helped keep us on track.

What is the most important feature in your bathroom and why?

We’d have to say that the shower screen is the hero. It frames the shower, accentuates the ceiling height and really offsets the black tapware nicely.

What do you love most about your new Sanctuary?

All the natural light, the large shower and the massive Urbane shower head.  It’s amazing to stand under!

How would you describe your new bathroom in one word? 


What are your three top pieces of advice before starting your bathroom renovation?

  1. Do your research. Plan a look you like. You can get the look you want for a lot less than you might think;
  2. Know your measurements, both of the room and all the fittings, to help you achieve the optimum layout;
  3. Make sure your builders know exactly what you want and stay on top of their work to identify any issues early. And don’t take their word for it when they say something can’t be done – where there’s a will there’s a way!