Is your bathroom in need of a renovation? Whether it's a full renovation, or a small update, we've created a destination to inspire your ideas and help you get started on your bathroom renovation journey.


Inspired by Three Birds Reno

Renovation made easy

Follow the Three Birds renovation journey and gain inspiration from bathroom sanctuaries to dream kitchens for your next bathroom, kitchen or laundry project.


Keep your bathroom looking timeless

Now and in the future

How can you ensure your bathroom design and colour scheme stands the test of time?


How to choose the right tapware

The Jewelry of the bathroom

Being spoilt for choice can make your selection process a little daunting. Here's our guide to help you with tapware considerations.


Update your bathroom on a budget

Give your bathroom a lift!

There are many low-cost options that can make an enormous difference to the look, feel and quality of your bathroom. Here are a few tips for renovating your bathroom on a budget.


Top tips from the experts

Let us help you design a bathroom suited to you and your lifestyle.


How to choose the right bath

Relax and rejuvenate

Find out your options when it comes to choosing the right bath for your space.


On Trend Products

Discover our latest product portfolio

Caroma's new products are at the forefront of local and international shifts in design, ensuring the products we bring to market match Australians' expectations and their signature way of life.


Create a bathroom inspired by nature

A room of Tranquility

Turn your bathroom into a soothing sanctuary to escape the stresses of a long day.


How to choose the right toilet suite

The toilet guide

There's more to choosing a toilet than meets the eye. Discover the differences and choose the right toilet suite for your bathroom.


What is Caroma Cleanflush?

A toilet breaking the norm!

Specifically created, researched and tested for local conditions, we have developed the latest breakthrough innovation - Caroma Cleanflush®.


Bathroom design ideas

The bathroom Gallery

See our range of bathroom designs, ideas and inspirations from Caroma.


Design a bathroom with room to grow

Forward thinking

Here are our top tips for future-proofing your bathroom design.

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