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Specifying Bathroom FF&E for Accessible, Ambulant, Sole Occupancy & Aged Care

During this lunch & learn we will decipher the updates to the 2021 standards across Accessible, Ambulant and Sole Occupancy bathrooms within the commercial space. We will also make reference to Aged Care, design considerations, and how leaning on the AS1428.1 may not always be best practice! With so many elements to consider when designing for AS1428.1, it's important that we specify the right fixtures & finishes so that users of the space can operate independently and without trouble.

The presentation will provide you with confidence in knowing which Caroma fixtures to specify within each AS1428.1 or Aged Care category.

This event is live streamed - so feel free to grab a bite to eat and tune in from wherever you may be!

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  • Online Event
  • Fri 08 Jul
  • 12 PM