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Designing Bathrooms for Accessible, Ambulant, Sole Occupancy and Aged Care

With so many elements to consider when designing for AS1428.1, it’s important that we specify the right fixtures & finishes so that users of the space can operate independently and without trouble.

Our formal CPD presentation gives you an in depth look at requirements for AS1428.1 in the commercial bathroom space.

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During this presentation we will discuss what products comply, (and why), as well as give you the knowledge to make smarter design choices for your projects

Learning outcomes:
• Recognise the different product & set-out requirements within AS1428.1-2009
• Understand the definition of Sole Occupancy applications & where to apply
• Identify the compliance requirement of Ambulant Cubicles.
• Recognise the appropriate features to take into consideration for use in Aged care space.