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Bernadette Janson – She Renovates 2021 Conference

Join us in the 2021 Conference with high value, high energy livestream program with over 20 inspiring speakers on home renovation topics and jobs!

Thursday 2nd Dec and Friday 3rd Dec 2021, from 9.30am to 4pm.

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Many Australian women are financially vulnerable thanks to career interruptions while raising a family and the gender pay gap. Add divorce into the mix where women often get the raw end of the deal and it is not surprising that women over 45 are the fastest-growing demographic at risk of homelessness. 

Thankfully many are making the decision to take control of their financial futures by using the power of renovating and investing. Most of the She Renovates community are hardcore closet designers and real estate addicts, so this new direction is also the source of great joy and creativity. 

She Renovates is a free podcast and community for those interested in home renovation. 

We bring together women who want to harness their inner designer to build.