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Choosing a new toilet doesn’t need to be hard.

  • Concealed

    The cistern is hidden inside the wall cavity leaving only the toilet pan to be seen.

  • Wall Faced

    The back of the pan sits flush against the wall leaving no gaps between the toilet and the wall.

  • Close Coupled

    The pan and cistern are joined together so you cannot see the flush pipe.

  • Connector

    A traditional looking toilet with the cistern joined to the pan by a plastic flush pipe.

  • Universal

    A flexibile option that allows either an S Trap or P Trap installation.

  • S Trap

    The toilet tube is connected directly into the floor mounted pan collar.

  • P Trap

    The toilet tube is horizontal which connects directly into a pan collar mounted on the wall.

  • Bottom Inlet

    The water enters the cistern via a hose connected into the bottom of the cistern.

  • Back Entry

    The water enters directly into the back of the cistern with the hose hidden from view.

  • Concealed Cistern

    A hidden cistern that is installed in a wall, roof cavity or under a bench top.



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