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  • 96122C_Liano_Towel_Ring.jpg
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  • 96122C_Liano_Towel_Ring.png

Liano Towel Ring

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Guaranteed to meet the latest in interior design trends, the complete range of Liano accessories is fit for any style of bathroom. In line with the Liano tradition, the design philosophy is both clean and uncomplicated. With these simple clean lines and minimalist feel the Liano range of accessories will add timeless sophistication to you bathroom.

  • Clean, uncomplicated lines
  • A natural extension of the Liano tapware and mixer range
  • Stylish all-metal construction with chrome finish
  • Designed to Australian specification
  • Complete range to suit bathroom, ensuite and laundry needs


Colour Chrome


96122C Liano Towel Ring $109.00*


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