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    How to choose a bath


    Selecting a bath can be determined by the amount of space you have to work with, as well as the style you are after. The options vary, but ultimately you will be deciding between a freestanding bath, or a built in model. 


    Freestanding baths - This style of bath is very popular. The freestanding bath is very vogue and creates a resort-like feel in any bathroom. Freestanding baths look great in larger bathrooms where the bath becomes the centre of attention. If you have a smaller bathroom, there are 1400mm options as well. 


    Back-to-wall Freestanding Bath - Want the freestanding bath look, but something that sits flush against the wall? The Back-to-wall freestanding bath options are for you. Perfect for smaller bathrooms, or those who don't want to entertain the thought of cleaning behind the bath. 


    Island baths - An island bath sits on a tiled 'island' and is a luxurious statement in any bathroom. The island bath offers extra room around the bath, perfect for candles, a sitting ledge, or the kids toys. 


    Four tile flange baths - This style is necessary for a bath that will also be used as a shower. It works to re-direct the shower spray run-off directly back into the bath without the moisture damaging the walls. 


    These days, baths come in many different shapes, sizes and materials. Consider the type of material you’d prefer: Acrylic, Steel or Solid Surface.


    Acrylic - This material can be more expensive than others, however, it is more durable and retains heat better. 


    Steel - Steel is a very durable bath and it is also scratch and impact resistant. 


    Solid Surface - A major appeal is its seamless nature. Engineered composites have a gel coat surface finish which makes them impervious to bacteria and staining. 


    It’s also important to be familiar with the existing plumbing set-out and the current bath waste position. Any changes to this configuration will affect your budget considerably. Finally, we’d recommend that you aim to match the bath design to your basin or toilet suite. The Caroma bath range covers a wide range of styles and budgets. By considering these options, you’ll narrow down your choices and make your decision much easier.