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    If you are designing a bathroom in your new home for a family member with special needs, we have put together a quick reference guide to ensure you have a bathroom suited to your needs.


    Toilet - ‘Easy height’ toilets have been designed with extra height to allow for easy transfer on/off the toilet. Some toilet models also feature arm rests, back rests and raised buttons for easier use. 


    Taps - Lever tapware is designed to be easier to turn and many Caroma taps can be pre-set in temperature to reduce the risk of scalding, making it a risk free application to your bathroom. 


    Basin - A wall hung basin is best for a care bathroom as it offers more space around the basin and makes the tapware more accessible.   


    Robe Hook - Robe hooks are easy to get the towel on and off, without having to worry about it catching on the rail. 


    Shower - Showers on rails offer the most flexibility for a care bathroom. The rail shower can be adjusted to suit the person using the shower, or removed to use as a hand piece for easy showering. 


    Grab Rails - Grab rails are a great asset to a care bathroom for those requiring a little extra support. The stainless steel finish provides a slip-resistant surface. 


    Shower Seat - Ensure you buy a quality shower seat and one that is purposefully built to comply with Australian standards. The Virtu Comfort Shower Seat is one of the newest to market, complying with the AS1428.1 standards. 

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