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  • 247001W_Uniset_II_Connector_BI_WELS_3-star_Cistern.jpg
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  • 247001W_Uniset_II_Connector_BI_WELS_3-star_Cistern.png

Uniset II Connector Cistern

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The Uniset II Cistern is a mid sized modern styled cistern designed for retrofit installations. The Uniset II cistern is a two button, dual flush integrated system comprising of cistern, seat and flush fitting connection plate which conceals the flush pipe and water connection.

  • WELS 3 star rated, 6/3L
  • Bottom inlet
  • Low level installation
  • Adjustable to 4.5/3L or 9/4.5L
  • Plastic, white only


Material Plastic
Inlet Type Bottom Inlet
WELS rating WELS 3 star rated, 6/3L flush


247001W Uniset II Connector Bottom Inlet WELS 3-star Cistern (includes seat and link) $229.00*


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