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Mystic Rail Shower

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Caroma Rail Showers offer the flexibility of a height adjustable shower with a movable handset. The Mystic shower offers soft, contoured styling and the choice of five spray patterns including normal, mist, massage and two combination sprays. Rail Showers deliver water savings without compromising performance.

  • Modern designs combining a height adjustable shower with a movable handset
  • 5 Spray pattern options allow for a customised and invigorating shower
  • Built-in easy clean technology breaks away residue build up and ensures trouble free external head cleaning
  • Swivel hoses prevent kinking and coiling
  • Rail includes soap dish
  • Water saving without compromising performance
  • Chrome plated


Number of spray functions 5
WELS rating WELS 3 star rated, 9L/min


91013C3A Mystic Rail Shower $219.00*


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