Care 300 Toilet Suite

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A Sovereign vitreous china care cistern with raised push buttons and Concorde care pan installation designed to provide a raised seat height of between 460-480mm for persons with disabilities.The versatility of the Caroma Care Pan makes it ideal for use by both the ambulant persons with disabilities and wheel-chair users including wheeled commode chairs.

  • Can be installed to comply to AS1428.1 (please contact our customer service centre on 13 14 16 for more information)
  • Concorde Exposed Trap Care Pan - S or P Trap
  • Sovereign 2000 bottom inlet vitreous china Care cistern
  • Includes Caravelle single or double flap Care seat
  • Raised height Care buttons
  • Extended Mid Level Flush Pipe
  • Raised height Care buttons
  • White only
  • One year warranty


987904W Care 300 Toilet Suite $739.00*
987902W Care 300 Toilet Suite - P trap - Caravelle care single flap seat $739.00*
987903W Care 300 Toilet Suite - S trap - Caravelle care double flap seat $818.00*
987905W Care 300 Toilet Suite - S trap - Caravelle care double flap seat $818.00*
987902AG Care 300 3S PNV Suite Caravelle Single Flap Anthracite Grey Seat with Backrest $739.00*
987902SB Care 300 4S PNV Suite Carevelle Single flap Sorento Blue Seat $739.00*
987903SB Care 300 4S PNV Suite Caravelle Double Flap Sorento Blue Seat $818.00*
987904AG Care 300 3S SNV Suite Caravelle Anthracite Grey Seat $739.00*
987904SB Care 300 4S SNV Suite Caravelle Single Flap Sorento Blue Seat $739.00*
987905SB Care 300 4S SNV Suite Caravelle Double Flap Sorento Blue Seat $818.00*


Caroma Care
Caroma Care
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